Software Modernization – modernize or move out of the way!

Digital Transformation and Disruptive Technologies

Software modernization 2 (1)

During my career, I’ve had to work on the challenge of modernizing several software products. As explained in my article, “Balancing Technical Debt,” we should develop a plan for moving forward. The effort to raise the bar must be continuously evaluated in order to be ready to make any “do or die” decision.

In our rapidly evolving digital world, all software companies must face this situation!

Software modernization, otherwise known as legacy modernization, refers to the work of converting, rewriting or porting a legacy program to bring it up to the latest standards in computing and software.  This includes such things as modern programming language, software libraries, protocols, cloud technologies (Serverless architecture, Microservices, etc.), hardware platforms, etc.

Perhaps this is a good place to define legacy software, to help us better understand what is at stake when we talk about software modernization.

Legacy software is any…

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