ChatBots – How Artificial Intelligence is Creating a Better User Experience?

Chatbots are getting a lot better than they used to be. Have you been fooled into thinking you’re talking to a real person yet, even for a few seconds? That’s a win for anyone using them, enabling instant “interaction.”

Digital Transformation and Disruptive Technologies

chatbot l

ChatBots, once the product of inventive sci-fi writers (such as Arthur C. Clarke’s HAL, the “sentient” computer), may be one of the most useful customer service inventions for business of modern times.

While computers, software and the myriad of apps that have been produced (is there an app for that?) have greatly improved many areas of the customer experience, the one thing often lacking is the personal, “human” touch that people crave.

Competition in this high speed digital world is staggeringly fierce for most businesses.  Mom and Pop can no longer simply rely on their local hardware store being the only store in town to sell lawnmowers, because everybody in town has a computer and can order one from a large chain in the city or even a fully online store, often with free shipping, for less.  The local store is no longer simply competing locally.  They are now…

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