Hamas Embraces the Path of the Islamic State (ISIS)

Hamas adopts the Islamic State’s terror methods of stabbings and vehicular attacks. -Hamas Embraces the Path of the Islamic State (ISIS)

Source: jcpa.org

In a world of lies and counter-lies, the Muslim on the street is left to make his own choices.

"Another very important consideration for these organizations is that the Islamic Caliphate exerts great influence beyond the borders of Syria and Iraq. In his speech proclaiming the caliphate, Baghdadi did not request the Islamic organizations’ backing. As caliph he sees himself as representing all Muslims in the world, and he calls on them directly to swear allegiance to him and embark on jihad. Baghdadi thereby exerts influence over the other Islamic organizations; he seeks recruits for the army of the caliphate and hopes to create branches within the Muslim states that will work to overthrow existing governments. – See more at: http://jcpa.org/article/hamas-embraces-path-of-islamic-state/#sthash.cxQIbbbv.dpuf"

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