Ferguson fallout: Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, other 2016 hopefuls sidestep crisis, leave it to Obama

Four months of tension and violence in Ferguson, Missouri, may have lit a fuse under 24-hour television news, but the wall-to-wall coverage is attracting a far more muted response from those who aspire to be the next American president.

Source: www.washingtontimes.com

‘“Elizabeth Vega, a major agitator on the scene in Ferguson, spent Monday night leading an anti-police rally where she fired up the crowd into chanting, ‘F– the police!’ When it was all over, she walked back to where she’d parked her car and discovered it had been stolen. Wonder who she reported that crime to. Her friendly neighborhood community organizer?” Mr. Huckabee said.

“The most absurd protesters in America are all those who demand justice while baying for mob rule, who claim to oppose the unjust targeting of the innocent while burning and looting small businesses with no connection to the case and who posture as champions of African-Americans while destroying businesses owned by African-Americans, that serve African-Americans and that employ African-Americans,” he added.’

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