Crossing the Line – The Texas Observer

When the Keystone XL pipeline came through Lori Collins’ farm near Paris, Texas, she welcomed it—until her house flooded with sewage.


This should scare the daylights out of anybody anywhere near a place where any pipeline related in any way to TransCanada Corporation is going through.  That includes the one from Alberta to through British Columbia to Kitimat, BC.  If they will treat people like this small ranch family in Texas the way they did, what will they do if a pipeline spills into a major river, or someone on the bridge of a super tanker makes a mistake and a tanker sinks in Douglas Channel or the Inside Passage?

Here is what Lori Collins, once a strong and vocal advocates for pipelines and the oil industry had to say, after the way she and her family were treated by TransCanada when TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline came through their farm in Paris, Texas:

"She had looked out at the people listening to her, “all these people fighting for their land and livelihood,” festive in their movement shirts and tribal attire, and she thought, “You all are screwed. The company is going to take your land, promise you everything in the world, but they won’t come through.’ Those people will never know life as they’ve known it before,” she said. “It’ll just be them and their paradise that’s turned into hell.”  "

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