Lyme Lessons

One doctor finds that Lyme disease has a lot to teach us about epidemics, chronic illnesses, and a medical establishment in need of a paradigm shift.


"When Dr. Richard Horowitz talks about Lyme disease, the words come tumbling out with a fiery urgency. It’s an urgency pent up from 25 years of working in the trenches with chronically ill people suffering from a dizzying array of symptoms. A practice in Hyde Park, in the heart of New York deer-tick country, gives Horowitz what he calls a "bull’s-eye view" of an epidemic. He’s the doc that "The Today Show" calls when they need an expert to expound on Lyme—and the one that the weak and the pain-wracked come to find when they can’t get relief anywhere else. Here, Horowitz talks about his new book, Why Can’t I Get Better: Solving the Mystery of Lyme & Chronic Disease(St. Martin’s, 2013)—and lessons gleaned from treating over 12,000 patients to date."

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