DEBKAfile’s quick guide to the perplexed reader: Israel, Gaza, the US and the faux-ceasefire

After a month of fighting in Gaza and the onset of another surreal ceasefire, debkafile’s sources clue in those readers who are understandably a bit baffled about the war and where Israel stands: Although a five-day ceasefire was announced in Cairo Wednesday night, neither Israel nor Hamas had by Friday, Aug. 15, officially acknowledged a truce is in place. Obama and Netanyahu continue to lock horns as Jerusalem runs the war without Washington’s input. As for the conflict’s end, every effort at diplomacy with the Hamas terrorists has so far fallen flat.


Even though Hamas has done their best to harm Israeli citizens, Israel continues to do all they can to make sure that the citizens of Gaza get what they need:

"Meanwhile, Thursday, 500 trucks loaded with food, medicines and other essentials rolled through the Kerem Shalom crossing into the Gaza Strip, continuing the supplies that never faltered in the course of the month-long IDF operation. This fits the general ambivalence of the Netanyahu government’s style of warfare.
Another round of talks has been scheduled to take place in Cairo next week."

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