Iran saving Hamas from bankruptcy

Opinion, Yaron Friedman: Analysis: Islamic organization is sacrificing Gaza’s residents in the battle against Israel in order to receive funds and weapons from Tehran.


If article sounds really confusing, it is.  This uneasy partnership between Shiia and Sunni Muslims is always tentative, changing, and easily explodes into factious battles among the two groups.  Perhaps the following quote demonstrates the relationship between Hamas and Iran best:

"Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashal praised Iran in an interview from Cairo in November 2012 for its aid to Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defense. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards commander, Mohammad Ali Jafari, rushed to deny that Iran was supplying Gaza with missiles, including Fajr-5 missiles which are capable of reaching Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


But Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani admitted recently that Iran was supplying Hamas with "weapon-building technology." A huge poster hung on a wall in Gaza recently showed the Palestinian and Iranian flags along with gratitude messages to Tehran in four languages."

Read the entire article… carefully.  I found it confusing, too, but then, the entire situation is confusing.

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