The Cult of Death That Took Away Our Boys

My heart is heavy. I feel loss and despair. Today I watched the funerals of Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Sha’ar and Eyal Yifrach, three teenagers abducted and murdered on their way home from seminary two…


When will well meaning westerners admit that there is a vast difference between those who would randomly murder and blow themselves up to randomly murder, and those who retaliate, sometimes to what those living elsewhere might see as extreme?

Why is the historical fact STILL ignored, that the Jews AGREED to the two state solution, even when the whole area was under the British Mandate and no country, at all, while the Arabs refused to accept such an idea and wanted this tiny, postage stamp piece of (then) arid wilderness to themselves?

Today, Israel STILL offers to share, but Hamas is totally committed to ALL Jews being gone from the land.

"Israel and the Jewish people are not faultless, they are capable of evil, fanaticism and hatred; but this is not a pathology, it is not an essential and indivisible component of the culture, it is confronted and prosecuted, it is not nurtured and glorified."



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