ISIS Takeovers in Iraq: Biggest Islamist Victory Since 9/11 | Clarion Project

The West needs to understand that ISIS’ motivation is explicitly ideological, Islamist and anti-democratic.


With the speed of what is going on in the Middle East at the moment, this is already old news, but it does give insights into the situation.  By today, June 24, ISIS (or ISIL) controls the Syria/Iraq border, the Jordan/Iraq border, and effectively, the Iran/Iraq border, as well.  We are on our way to $10 per litre gasoline in Canada and $30 per gallon gasoline in the USA.  It’s time to plant a garden, if you haven’t already.  Fuel prices are going to drive food prices through the roof, it this doesn’t settle down.  ISIS doesn’t have to fire a shot outside of the Middle East to really hurt us.


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