Could We Live Without Pipelines and Tar Sands? | BC Sustainable Energy Association

So, Canada’s federal government has finally approved construction of the proposed Enbridge pipeline that is intended to carry bitumen from Alberta’s tar sands to Kitimat, and thence by ocean to China. If we do not go ahead, the Prime Minister warns us, Canada’s economy will be in grave danger.


I am not a fan of windmills, having driven past miles and miles of these unsightly giants, spoiling what would otherwise be many beautiful natural settings.  Furthermore, they are pretty hard on migrating birds and bats, from some of the reports.  With that said, I am really happy to see people thinking outside of the "oil and gas" box and looking at new ideas.  Opposing pipelines simply is not enough;  we have to have viable alternatives and solutions, because like it or not, everything we do requires energy of some kind, and at it most basic, we require an inexpensive way (most of the world is still poor) to produce food and get it to the table.


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