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Are we being primed for War?  The Wet Coast Daily, Published Daily from the WET West Coast by Dave Cottrell


Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

The headline reads, "RAF Jet Chases Russian Planes Away from UK"  Are we to believe that Russia wants war with the rest of the world?   Is the west determined to push Russia into a corner with no way out but war?  Could this be the puppet masters’ plan to deal with the economic meltdown in Europe and the multi-trillion dollar US debt?  Already, we KNOW there has been some kind of false flag scenario played out for the gullible masses in eastern Ukraine in the form of the flyers that were supposedly sent out by Russian backed rebels telling Jews to register.  Mr. Putin has ALREADY come out in strong support of the Jewish minority in Ukraine, ALREADY warning about the anti-semites in Ukraine, and we ALREADY know the Banderas, the ultra nationalists the Ukraine Prime Minister is associated with, are historically violently anti-semite.

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