Five Weeks Away From World War III –

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Ukraine’s first president, Leonid Kravchuk, believes that Russia could usher in the end of the world as we know it, if Vladimir Putin doesn’t back down. Kravchuk stated that Putin does not back down, ever! For several different reasons, it … Continue reading →

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

An interesting opinion piece and one scary scenario… but one that is not so very far from the realm of possibility.  All sides in this situation have entered into a situation that is almost impossible to back out of.  The US and its allies may have forced the Russian hand.  However, the Russian choices are also putting impossible pressure on the US and its allies.  The messy mixture that presently, although tenuously, wields the reigns of power in Ukraine are not making the situation any better.  Europe needs Russian gas, yet does not want to be under the Russian heel.  Russia can and will shut off the gas if pushed (gas to Ukraine has been shut off in the past, and it is about to be shut off again, if Ukraine cannot raise the money to pay their gas bill).  In the eastern Ukraine is all the gas they need to throw off all dependency on Russian gas and a serious challenge to Russia’s monopoly on gas sales to Europe, yet Ukraine may never get the chance to develop it if Russia annexes eastern Ukraine.  Add to the whole mixture the desperately terrible world wide economic situation, a massive, massive global bubble that is one the verge of bursting, and war seems almost inevitable…

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