Львовский погром как зеркало украинского национализма (Lviv pogrom as a mirror of Ukrainian nationalism) This is history. It is not suitable for children, yet the children must know!

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Заявления украинских дипломатов, что Организация украинских националистов ОУН-УПА была несправедливо осуждена на Нюрнбергском процессе, вызвали в мире шок. «Историческая правда» рассказывает о самом известном «подвиге» бандеровцев – о Львовском погроме, когда украинские националисты помогали нацистам “очищать” Украину от евреев.

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

As close a translation as I can make in English read, "Statements by Ukrainian (present day) diplomats that the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the OUN-UPA was unjustly convicted at Nuremberg, (should arouse) worldwide shock. This "Historical Truth" is about the most famous "heroism" of Banderivtsy (Banderites, Banderaites), the ultra-nationalist (Nazi, fascist) followers of Bandera – about the Lviv (Lvov) pogrom, when Ukrainian nationalists helped the Nazi "cleaning" of Jews from Ukraine."


This was shared with me by a Jewish friend whose grandparents were murdered in Lvov.  It is NOT suitable for children, yet children should be aware that this happened.  It IS offensive, yet if such offensive material is buried, it can happen again.  This is the incredible danger that lurks even now in Ukraine.  There are some good people involved with the government there, but there are also those who would commit these very same atrocities again, if they were given the chance.  The US and allies SHOULD have acted sooner and SHOULD NOT be blindly supporting the government now installed in Kyev.  Support should have been contingent on these factions being purged from the leadership of Ukraine BEFORE they were given any power.  I fear for Ukraine.

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