Interim Ukrainian Government Orders Its Citizens Disarmed

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From the ashes of Kiev has come one key lesson from history: Repressive governments fear citizens with guns. by Bob Adelmann

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

Prime Minister (assumed) Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his interim(?) government have ordered the citizens of Ukraine to disarm.  I believe they are fools to obey.  It may cost them in blood, but if they allow themselves to disarm, it may cost them much more.  


The situation in Ukraine is FAR from resolved and FAR from stable.  Once again, the West, eager to be in control of the flow of natural resources (gas,oil) is not reading the situation fully, nor thinking it through… WHERE is the gas that flows through Ukraine coming from?  WHO are these people they are supporting?  It is a fact, from what I am told by sources in Ukraine I believe are very trustworthy, that the president of Ukraine and the prime minister of Ukraine have VERY different philosophical outlooks.  Add to that other factions, including communists, open fascists, Ukrainian loyalists, ethnic Russians with strong ties to Russia, and outright self-interested criminals, and you have a very scary mix.


The citizens would be wise to hang onto their weapons as a whole, and at least maintain some kind of armed solidarity, because if they give up their weapons, they give up their freedom and place themselves fully at the mercy of a government that nobody can even describe at this time.


"However the Ukrainian situation is resolved — a dictatorship heavily influenced by Vladimir Putin and his thugs, or one strongly committed to similar thugs running the European Union — one lesson from history is crystal clear: Repressive governments fear armed civilians."

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