12 Signs That Russia Is Ready To Fight A War Over Crimea

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Russia will never, ever give up Crimea without a fight.  Anyone that thinks otherwise is just being delusional.  The Russian Black Sea fleet’s main base at

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

I have to agree with Mr. Snyder that has been a massive mistake for the west to meddle in the politics of the Ukraine.  The political and ethnic makeup of Ukraine is something the west does not understand and it is just plain arrogance to think the Ukraine could be turned into a western style democracy by helping in the violent overthrow of its democratically elected government, no matter how corrupt it may have been.  The fact is, and history has shown this over again so many times it’s just ridiculous to ignore it:  It can always (and often does) get worse.  This is one can of worms that should never have been touched by the west.

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