Will Crimea Be Obama’s Sudetenland?

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Floyd Brown explains how Crimea could end up being Obama’s Sudentenland. Russia has invaded the vital region – but will Putin try to control all of Ukraine?

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

It is such thinking and rhetoric as Mr. Brown presents here that helps to make the world such a dangerous place, in my opinion.  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is also raising this specter of megalomaniacs past, but there is a great danger involved in beating the drums of war too soon.  There is a time for diplomacy, and there is, unfortunately, a time for war.  War is, indeed, generally, the result of failed diplomacy.  Cool heads must prevail.   Mr. Putin is not scared, nor is he one to back away from a fight. He relishes competition.  Indeed, it has been said that he has the "eye of the tiger."   The smell of blood is not what quiets the tiger.  This is a time to talk with Mr. Putin, rather than simply challenging him and calling him names.  The west seems bent on telling him what to do, rather than on asking him what he is doing and what his intents are.

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