Raw: Scene of mass stabbing at west Edmonton warehouse | Watch News Videos Online

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Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

Mass Stabbing at West Edmonton Warehouse today, February 28, 2014, underlines the importance of Gun Control… Seriously, this is how ridiculous the whole idea of gun control ending violence and mass injuries at the hands of mentally unstable people.  When will the focus get to where it NEEDS to be, on MENTAL HEALTH.  I have talked to people involved in mental health care here, and I am sure it’s much the same in the USA.  Thousands of people are falling through the cracks, with nobody watching, helping or protecting them.  This is what happens.  It’s not about gun control, or knife control, or baseball bat control, or convenient-heavy-object-at-the-scene control, but about doing a far better job helping folks with mental health issues.  It won’t stop things like this entirely, but it will do one MASSIVE amount more for the same MONEY than wasting it on gun control programs and registries that do NOTHING to stop this stuff.

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