Video: Banned Super Bowl gun ad going viral – Liberty Unyielding

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Last night’s Super Bowl was dripping with pseudo-patriotism. The big game started not just with the singing of the National Anthem but a reading of the Declaration of Independence. Yet when all was said and done, the figurative flag waving rang as false as Barack Obama’s ever-present Old Glory lapel pin. An ad created and …

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

The silliness of political correctness seems to know no limits.  While I believe the USA could take steps to ensure that those who want to buy firearms will know how to use them safely and effectively, banning or hiding them will not stop the tragedies like the school and mall shootings.  Closing the cracks that those who suffer with mental health issue have been falling through, on the other hand, WILL go a long way to preventing such tragedies.  In every case, going back to the largest mass murder of school children in American history (done with dynamite, not firearms), the perpetrator had serious mental health issues.

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