Evander Holyfield Makes Waves for saying Being Gay “Is a Choice.” – Eagle Rising

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Evander Holyfield caused some international waves by taking on the popular belief that homosexuality is something you’re born with.

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

The sooner we realize that free speech and the right to voice one’s opinion died a long time ago, the sooner everyone will be able to move on in the modern, Orwellian society, where you daren’t express your own opinion until you’ve run it by the thought police for approval.  Healthy debate and the free expression of thought without worry of losing your job or being charged with a hate crime has disappeared.  The time has come where one powerful and much feared segment of society has effectively ended the free sharing of ideas.  While I fully agree that there are often ideas held by some which can offend others, even greatly offend others, I do not see this stifling of free speech as an improvement to civilization.

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