Paul Martin accuses residential schools of ‘cultural genocide’

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Residential schools engaged in “cultural genocide,” former prime minister Paul Martin said Friday, adding that aboriginal Canadians must now be offered the best educational system.

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

It is about time!  This is many, many years too late.  I witnessed some of this garbage first hand, to use a polite term.  My friends, the kids I grew up with and went to school with, even in a NON residential school, were punished, even getting strapped for speaking their own language.  Families were completely destroyed.  IN MY LIFETIME!  I have a hard time even reading some of the testimonies without breaking down.  I see the faces, I know the people, my friends have died because of it, friends I still have today have had their lives ruined.  It hasn’t stopped yet, either.  
Don’t let the smoke and mirrors fool you.  Colonialism in all its ugliness has simply changed hands in many places across our land. 

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