REALITY “STAR” SLAMS DUCK DYNASTY: Phil, ‘Wants to F*ck and Kill Ducks’ – Clash Daily

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This from Capt. Paul Watson’s from Animal Planet’s Whale Wars show. Paul Watson says that Phil Robertson wants to ‘Wants to F*ck and Kill Ducks’.

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

I don’t normally curate anything from ClashDaily, as they are often just a little too far "out there" for me.  But today, I decided to make an exception, as it is rare that I come across a letter as completely idiotic as this one from Environmental Terrorist and Animal Planet reality "star," Paul Watson.  It certainly helps explain why his former friend and co-founder of Greenpeace parted company with him.  It is downright scary to think that there are people like this living on the planet and passing on their genetic information…

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