TRUTH!!! Nelson Mandela Was a Terrorist – The D.C. Clothesline

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I got a little nauseous tonight after I learned of the passing of Nelson Mandela. Some of the sources that I would expect to give that “fair and balanced” rep

Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

I am very glad that apartheid ended in South Africa.  I am not glad about how it was achieved, nor about the methods used by the man most instrumental in achieving it.  "Nelson Mandela was very instrumental in the defeat of apartheid and apartheid is and was a crime against humanity. It is his methods I question and his methods that the world tends to conveniently overlook."  Note that Arafat, one of the  greatest terrorists of the 20th century, also was awarded the (virtually meaningless) Nobel Prize for peace.

Read the whole article and think about it.  Sometimes (all too often), the ends DO NOT JUSTIFY the means.  Sometimes the means are more vicious than the injustice they are fighting.

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