Man Facing Charges For Not Being Mauled By Bear –

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Dave Cottrell‘s insight:

The insanity of this modern world is only going to get worse as more fools are elected by more fools to lead the majority of fools down the road to more folly.  Bears are not people, nor are any other animals;  therefore, they cannot be "murdered."  The God of the world’s major religions says that man is to have dominion over the animals.  The god of evolution says that the world of live creatures is governed by the "law" of survival of the fittest.  Under such a system, man is the top of the evolutionary heap and due to his ability to manufacture weapons, IS the fittest.  Neither views says we are to wantonly destroy the world around us, but neither does either view put man in the same class with animals, nor do they give animals more rights than humans.  You cannot have it both ways, or you are creating some other, middle of the road, fairy tale ideology that will not stand up in the real world.

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